Love Knows No Distance

Long distance relationships are not easy. They are a lot of work, and honestly, if you are not in it 100%, it won’t work out for you. There are so many beautiful relationships out there that started out long distance, who are now married with a happy family. Although the struggle to make it through those years is anything but easy. Emilee Lee and Evan Shine, a couple who have been in a LDR for almost two years now, definitely have had their problems. When asked about their relationship, Emilee exclaimed, “It definitely has not been the easiest road to take. With me being in Arizona and Evan being in California, we only get to see each other once every month or so. I mean sure we talk on the phone and text every day, but not being with him is the hardest thing

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I’ve ever had to do. Although after we get through this together, I know that we will be able to get through anything.” When asked about their relationship and how they make it work, Evan relied, ” Honestly it’s all about communication and making sure you make time for each other every day. We went from seeing each other every single day, to seeing one other once a month if we’re lucky. I mean yeah it’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I love her with all my heart, and if getting through this means one day I’ll be able to make her my wife, then it’s worth every second of it.”

Couples like Emilee and Evan are a perfect example of a couple that is most likely going to make it through their period of LDR. They make sure to make time for each other everyday, they make time to still remain social among their friends, and they make plans as to when they will see each other the next time. Those three things are crucial with making a LDR work. Check out this link to read about the 12 most important steps to surviving a long distance relationship.

There are many people that put long distance relationships down. These people will tell you that they have no chance and they rarely ever work. Well here are some statistics that show otherwise.

Everyone has their own opinions on LDR’s, if you don’t love someone enough then they obviously won’t work for you, which is understandable. They’re not for everyone. Although, Jesse Adams, a dentist in Chandler, Arizona, is another proven case that LDR’s can have a happy ending. He and his wife Jen of 27 years, started dating their senior year of high school, and then Jen went to UCLA while Jesse went to NYU. They were determined to make their relationship work because they knew that they had found the one. They made plans to see each other throughout the next four years, made sure they stayed actively involved in each other’s lives, and they remained open and positive about the situation. When asked about his relationship with Jen in the beginning, Jesse said, “It was so hard throughout those four years, sometimes we would only get to see each other once every four months. Although I knew it was worth it, and so after we graduated, I moved to california with her and proposed a year later. We are now happily married with a 19 year old and a 16 year old.”

Here are only a few examples of successful LDR’s, and there are so many more. If you are attempting t make a long distance relationship work, then always remember the few basic steps and tips to survive the time you are apart form each other. If the last two links weren’t enough information for you, check out this humorous video that goes over the guide to a successful long distance relationship one more time.

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